Fall Runoff

Project Description

What type of piece is this? Painting Share a little about the materials, processes and techniques used to create this piece. This is painted in acrylics on a 16 x 24 inch stretched canvas. I under-painted the background with 3 parts dark green, 1 part burnt sienna and 1 part violet. The water was under-painted with some of this same mix of colors, some aquamarine blue and white gesso....until I got almost a turquoise color. I under-painted the tree trunks with the same dark green color and also used that color to add the back ground trees. The leaves were painted with yellows, oranges and vivid red all mixed with white gesso. The moving water was created with varying degrees of white gesso and either a touch of yellow or orange...using less and less color added to the gesso as I added each layer. The rocks were all under-painted with the same dark green mix with added raw umber and sienna. The main idea was to capture a stream where I use to go fishing in the fall, after a rain. It was a small, deep stream and when it rained higher up in the mountains, it would over flow the banks in places, and this water fall was my favorite place to fish. The painting is done from my memories of it...no photo available. Is the piece for sale? Yes What are you most proud of? The peaceful feeling I get looking at it and remembering all the great times I had there. What advice would you give someone starting this project? Don't be afraid to paint something new!!

What you will need

  • Acrylic Paint

Q&A with Larry Holmack

Susan Stillman asked:
Beautiful Larry. I'm so impressed you could do all this from memory! It might be helpful to change the color of the rocks in the foreground to cooler grays with some blue, and think about how to show the changing planes (lighter and darker) of the smooth forms. That would push them forward and separate from the greens in the rest of the painting, differentiating your foreground even more. Best, Susan
Larry Holmack answered:
Thank you...I appreciate the comments and suggestions. I really want to capture what I remember and I will redo the rocks in the foreground. After changing the color of the foreground rocks....should I forego putting the moss back on the rocks...or just make them a little brighter to help them stand out more? I can't say I have an identic memory...just ask my wife...but I do remember places I have an emotional attachment to with amazing detail. Kind of runs in the family....have an Aunt who does have an identic memory...and at 82 years old...she can still remember details from when she was a child growing up during the depression in the 1930's.