Deep Blue Waves

Project Description

What type of piece is this? Painting Is the piece for sale? Yes

What you will need

  • Oil Paint

Q&A with Snowfire8560

Edward Minoff asked:
Congratulations! How do you feel about your progress? I hope you learned a lot in the process!
Snowfire8560 answered:
I think I learned something. I like to paint all kinds of things. I paint a painting ever morning.
Alicookie asked:
This is great Snowfire!
Snowfire8560 answered:
Thank you.
Ernesto Pauletti asked:
very nice. I hope I could do soemthing like that too...
Snowfire8560 answered:
Thank you. I love painting. I like the challenge. I do a painting every morning.
4roseimba991358664228377 asked:
Very Nice, I Want To Learn To Paint Seascapes!! I May Not Be Any Good At It But I,ve Always Wanted To Try!!
Snowfire8560 answered:
Take you time and enjoy yourself.
Fyrefli504 asked:
Beautiful painting!
Snowfire8560 answered:
Thank you.