Project Description

What type of piece is this? Painting Is the piece for sale? No

What you will need

  • Acrylic Paint

Q&A with Ly Chhun

mksham52 asked:
I think you have some very nice colors and textures in this painting. I especially like how you handled the green from the rough grasses and the reflection on the water. I just wanted to let you know as another student that I admired this painting.
Ly Chhun answered:
Thank you for your comment, means so much. My first post! I am so glad I found this platform. Painting is so rewarding and frustrating:). This painting is for a friend so I'd like to get it technically correct as possible.
Micah Ganske asked:
The trick to painting lively foliage with day-time lighting, is that there's always more yellow than you think. This is especially true when working from a photo as the photo tends to wash out the colors on a bright, sunny day.
Ly Chhun answered:
Thank you for your feedback. I was having trouble with perspective, cooler greens in the distance versus warmer greens in the foreground. The same trouble with detail, portray more detail with texture or with colour?As well, in trying to make all the green look more lively, I tried to use different variations of greens, browns, blues. The longer I worked on this piece, the more I wanted to have look like a photograph. At the same time I want it to look like a painting. I believe I am happy now with a third and final attempt at the piece, which I did not post yet. Thank you again.