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Cube and Gradation Study

What type of piece is this? Painting

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Acrylic Painting: Basics & Beyond

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Acrylic Painting: Basics & Beyond

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What type of piece is this? Painting

Q&A with Michael Lynne

Marycon asked:
I like the rather measured way you talk as you work giving me ample time to absorb the idea and then execute it. I had never understood what "blocking in"meant and this alone will be worth the price of the video
Michael Lynne answered:
What is equally exciting about "Blocking In" Marycon is that it can be done in so many different ways. Some artists I have researched block in values not colors and work their colors over the value study when ready. Yet another approach! Enjoy, Michael
Alicookie asked:
I hate the learning part, but you make painting cubes kinda fun. I am now looking at things in the 'real'world saying to my self "that shadow on the tablecloth would be painted with a streak of dark to make it look like a crease. WOW!
Michael Lynne answered:
Yes! That makes my day. The more visual practice we get, the more we remember about subjects, the color the light, etc. the more convincing we can become when we paint something. Enjoy! Michael