Creature From the Black Lagoon

Project Description

What was your source for this piece? Other Tell us a little more about your inspiration. One of my favorite black and white monster films from the 50's was always my favorite movie poster as well. When my son, also a monster flick fan, announced his upcoming marriage, I felt the classic poster would be a perfect theme and a perfect gift. Share a little about the materials, processes and techniques used to create this piece. I originally planned this to be a chalk "painting" on black painted hardboard with the text painted over the surface of the chalk clear coat. Being a completely self taught painter, I have to experiment quite a bit with techniques and supplies and unfortunately chose a cloudy and humid day to spray on the clear coat over the figures and background. Of course it clouded up so much that the piece was completely unrepresentable, so I started from scratch with acrylics. This time I expanded the painting size from 2' by 3' to 4' by 6', built and stretched my own museum style canvas and changed my entire approach to the project. I still kept the idea of starting with a black background, but now it was black paint on heavy canvas. This time, it turned out good enough to give. Is the piece for sale? No

What you will need

  • Acrylic Paint

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