Backyard Rose

Project Description

Share a little about the materials, processes and techniques used to create this piece. 140 lb.paper, 12 and 6 round brushes, various paints What are you most proud of? Although I did use some of my greens, I also experimented with mixing some as well. Thank you for that suggestion. I think it just takes time and practice to figure out what works best. I am really enjoying the class! What advice would you give someone starting this project? Keep trying new things. :)

Q&A with Joygp

Mary P. Murphy asked:
You are doing great, too! I love red, and you really achieved a beautiful red here -- what pigments did you use? Greens are nice and more varied than previously; I can see you making good progress. I'd see if you could bring out a darker dark in the central flower. See the one on the left -- it's center stands out? you'll want your main flower to have even more of a contrast and the darkest dark. You might want to try laying acetate over it and try a couple of things before actually adding any paint. Nice work!!
Joygp answered:
Hi Mary, I made some refinements to the painting based on your suggestions. Adding a darker center really helped! I added a few other contrasting brush stokes and added a little to the background. The colors I used for the red in the rose were the permanent rose, with a little aureolin in some petals . I used some of the blue and red to mix a purple as well, but can't remember which blue I used. I think I may start a reference card to document paints when I mix a color I like for the future :). Thanks for your suggestions. Joy