'Tea time!'

Project Description

Share a little about the materials, processes and techniques used to create this piece. I used a photograph for picture. Chalked the outline's first....using coloured chalk. Painted the picture using oil paints. 'This is my very first oil painting!. :) Is the piece for sale? No

What you will need

  • Oil Paint

Q&A with S.S.G

Micah Ganske asked:
Beautiful work on the light in this piece! For a slightly more surreal effect you can add a bit of bluish purple to the shadows since yellow light will cast shadows with a blue/purple in them.
S.S.G answered:
Thank you for your suggestion Micah - that helps a lot as I am new to oil painting, and your classes and advice are greatly valued! Really enjoy them.
Ly Chhun asked:
I love how you captured the light in this piece. Looks fantastic! Capturing the light is the hardest.
S.S.G answered:
Thank you for your kind words Ly. I love your painting by the way! How did you get such a straight line with the golf club? Lovely work on the ladies legs! :)
farhavens3255207 asked:
I think this picture is very attractive. The color contrasts get my attention and the warm colors draw me in. Beautiful, embracing.
S.S.G answered:
Thank you so much farhavens3255207. Kind words indeed! I really appreciate your feed back. 'Actually', you've made my day! Thank you!
eileenmz asked:
i love this.
S.S.G answered:
Thank you Eileen, I'm so glad you like it! I've had it framed and now it has pride of place on my kitchen wall. Thanks!
Kimmly asked:
This is beautiful!
S.S.G answered:
Thank you so much Kimmly - kind of you to say so. :)