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Q&A with Ian Greenslade

lmjay asked:
Ian Greenslade answered:
lady.die.51@hotmail.com asked:
Your painting has inspired to paint one as well I do hope I can do it Justus like yours wonderfully done
Ian Greenslade answered:
I'm pleased to hear that...Its good to be able to get inspiration, whatever the source.. :)
lady.die.51@hotmail.com asked:
I finished my painting p. please check it out and give me an opinion . I keep looking to see if you have done any more . Keep in mind that I am a new painter but I feel that I captured my springer pretty good
Ian Greenslade answered:
Just had a look at it....I have done some more paintings but tend to be a bit lazy when it comes to posting them on here....I am currently working on one of my dog who is a cross between an alsatian and a lab, and also a commission of a labradoodle which will be posted on completion... Keep painting.. :)