Painting Figures & Portraits

Figure & Portrait Classes

Join along as industry-leading instructors take you through exciting and accessible lessons on how to create lifelike portraits you can't wait to show off!

Reflection #ICM2014 by Hope M
Eyes by Gary Faigin
Drawing From the Skull by Gary Faigin

Drawing Facial Features

Gary Faigin


Capture the features of the human face with riveting realism! Master the technical and structural elements behind a perfectly-drawn portrait.

Light & Shadow Exercise by Kerry Dunn
Completed Self-Portrait by Kerry Dunn
Portrait in progress by Kerry Dunn

The Classic Self-Portrait

Kerry Dunn


Join artist and teacher Kerry Dunn for a masterful overview of oil painting techniques as you create a classic self-portrait. See more

Drawn to Painting

Rob Zeller



Drawn to Painting

Rob Zeller

Join artist Rob Zeller for a dynamic, comprehensive introduction to creating a drawing based on a cast, then use your drawing skills as a ... See more

Student Projects from this class

White Tiger

White Tiger

by freda Georgiou

Sketch of Cast

Sketch of Cast

by Rob Zeller

Figure & Portrait Pieces

Admire the works of fellow figure artists and share illustrations of your own for feedback from the Craftsy community.


by JeanPhillips..

Painting Supplies

Find the supplies you need, from paintbrushes to paints, to enhance your portraits.