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Watercolor Painting

Learn watercolor painting techniques and tips from the best instructors. Plus, get inspiration for your next project.

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A Garden of Inspiration

Watercolor is the perfect medium for capturing the beauty of flowers. Get started with four of our favorite classes that guide you through painting fresh florals.

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Cherry Blossom Tree Tutorial

Make a beautiful cherry blossom painting in watercolor. This simple tutorial is accessible for artists of any level. Even better, it requires minimal supplies and yields beautiful results.


Experiment With Abstraction

Because it's fluid and unpredictable, watercolors lend themselves well to abstractions. Once you master a few simple techniques, you'll be well on your way to your own abstract artwork.

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Brush Up on Essential Techniques

The key to quality watercolor paintings? Learning essential techniques like color mixing, sketching and more. You know what they say: Once you know the rules, you can break them!

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Way Beyond Watercolor

Watercolor plays well with all kinds of artistic mediums. Learn how to combine watercolors with more materials to create stunning pieces — it's all inside these online video classes.

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