6 Basics For Your Origami Toolkit

Part of the beauty of origami is its simplicity. Just crisp, flat paper and your own two hands, right? Almost. Origami is simple, and it’s great to keep it that way. But rounding up a few specialized items can set you up for success, especially when you’re just starting out. (Best of all, you probably…

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What Your First Knitting Project Says About You

Did you know that your first project might just reveal clues about your knitting personality? And what if you haven’t picked your first project yet? (Hi, new knitters! Welcome!) We’ve got some insights (and project suggestions!) for you, too. If You Chose Scarf …you’re a zen knitter Scarves are a pretty traditional first project, but…

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6 Brilliant Gifts for Creative Kids

Your kiddos likely have a few asks out to Santa already, but these eight winners are definitely deserving of a spot under the tree. They’ll love that they’re fun and new, and you’ll love that they encourage creativity all year long. The BEST Way to Gift Crayons Box of crayons, step aside and make way…

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