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Dream Wedding Cakes (DVD + Streaming)

At a Glance:
  • Includes both DVD and On-Demand streaming access
  • Bonus downloadable materials available after purchase
  • 8 Class Sessions
  • Total Runtime: 3h 06m

3 Key Tips for Successful Stranded Knitting

Stranded knitting uses two or more colors to create stitches. Unlike knitting big blocks of color, stranded knitting changes colors constantly, which can cause floats, puckering and general confusion, especially for those who’ve never attempted this type of colorwork before. But don’t fret! With a few pieces of sound advice, you can avoid making common…

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1,500+ CLASSES From the experts 6 SESSIONS Average per class 12+ MINUTES Average per session

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Do You Know the Different Types of Kitchen Whisks?

Balloon, ball, spiral, cage, coil. No, this isn’t “I Spy” at the circus. We’re talking about different types of whisks and which is best for which type of cooking or baking project. But first, some whisk history! A recipe from The Best of Shaker Cooking, possibly dating back to the 18th century, asks the baker…

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