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Yellow rose display

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ATasteofFlowers made Yellow rose display with:

  • Cold Porcelain

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What advice would you give someone starting this project? Take lessons

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rcurry040536602 asked:
love it, our 50th is soon,3 7 2014. this would tie in our youngest daughter , who was killed in Oct 1978. i know it sounds sad but is meaningful to us. we have 2 living daughters and are so thankful for them and the positive life and time shared with them, and our grandchildren.. could you please contact me. Rena curry, , or cell 682 622 6436. The story is far deeper and important. I have had a broken neck, in 3 places in 1975. I amso thankful and as my daddy said as how to handle it all....Take a deep breath and keep going!! . I would love to write a book but. Have a beautiful cake for this GREAT occasion of celebration of all our life !!!
ATasteofFlowers answered:
Dear Rena, I have to apologise for not replying. somehow through Craftsy I did not get this message. Since your message I lost my Dad, Mum and husband and was hit in a bad card accident 11/13. I will make you a spray that you can keep and will phone you. I have just come out of hospital but able to do flowers. A million apologies to you, Anna
rcurry040536602 asked:
I love lace work and delicate Cornelia lac]e, or Queen Anne lace work ... Your work is inxoiring
ATasteofFlowers answered:
thank you so much. I lost my husband 2 years ago very suddenly and it has taken a while to get myself together. I also have had 15 back operations but doing well and getting on with life. I hope you do also,

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