Created by: Berina

Stone Flowers

You Can Make This

Berina made Stone Flowers with:

  • Bamboo basket
  • Kundan stones
  • wire

Q&A with Berina

Ipanema asked:
A lovely bouquet. The stones are a unique medium for a floral arrangement. I would like to have the directions for assembling the materials you listed.
Berina answered:
Each flower needs 5 kundan stones, 1 for each petal. Insert the wire through one hole of the stone from the top and and take it out through the other hole. Now bend the string and bring it near towards the first end. Now you have one petal. Similarly, string the other 4 petals on the same string and twist the loose ends of the string together to form the stem. Stick green tape around the stem.

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Get your first class for only $14.99