Shea Butter Soap (soap batch #4)

Project Description

What are you most proud of? It's beautiful, smells amazing, and is made with top quality natural ingredients. What more could I ask? What advice would you give someone starting this project? Take this class for a good bases of knowledge, then go for it.

What you will need

  • Basic Exfoliating recipe oils except added Shea Butter and reduced palm kernal oil. Ran lye calculator to check proportions. Ground rose hip powder
  • fragrance.

Q&A with akpharvey@yahoo.com

Eastern Quilter asked:
Nice job on the soaps! I signed up for this workshop some time ago and have not started yet...mainly due to the fact that I have not purchased any soap making supplies yet. (I have invested so much into my quilting supplies this past year!). I have always wanted to make soap. How expensive is it to get started assuming I have to buy. Everything, as I own nothing for this? Thanks Talkee!
akpharvey@yahoo.com answered:
Hi, (tried answering yesterday, but hit wrong button and lost my reply :<( ) I'll try again! You can get started with oils and tools (pots, spoons, thermometer) from the grocery store. I like olive, apricot kernel, palm, coconut oils. Youl'll need essential oils for fragrance (if you want fragrance), some sort of container to pour your soap. Of course, you'll need lye; I get mine from Essential Depot, they have food grade lye. I live in Alaska and local material sources are very limited. If you live in the lower 48, it should be much easier to find supplies. Go for it! It's so satisfying and fun and creative. And you end up with a wonderful, amazing creation that you can USE!