Roccoco wood/brocade easy chair

Project Description

What are you most proud of? The fantastic synergy that happens when creativity overcomes adversity! What advice would you give someone starting this project? Let your imagination go, use a sketchbook (bigger is better) with good quality graphite/pencils and swatches and don't be afraid of costs...you can do a lot with stuff that people throw away...but you have to use a lot of ammonia, hot water, rubber gloves, and elbow grease! This is key! Clean is the idea!

What you will need

  • Discarded/found chair frame; washed
  • sanded and spray painted with 2 cans black shiny acrylic paint; designed/sewed 2 cushions used extra large purchased pillow in each cushion. When friends come over they fight over who gets to sit in it!

Q&A with SilverQuillLou

glitseygrrl asked:
Your sense of fabric is the " WOW " factor !! Please give me the recipe for the stripper formula ... Thanx !
SilverQuillLou answered:
Are you talkign about the finish on the wood? If so the only thing I did was was the piece down, basically with a pail of hot water and some ammonia to get rid of the grime. Rinsed and dryed it in the sun, then sanded with fine sandpaer and spary painted with acrylic canned paint like Rustoleom or Krylon. Key is to let dry thoroughly between coats. Yes, I agree on the fabric! This kind of project needs drama!
George22 asked:
I beg to differ on the difficulty of the cushions. Look handsome.
SilverQuillLou answered:
As in...the cushions would be difficult to make? or...they are easy...I did not add zippers so that reduced some of the details and time!
Bunny918 asked:
SilverQuillLou answered:
Thank you...I really have been quite surprised by the wonderful comments and inquiries! Such a cool place to 'show off' some of the work we do in our studio!!!
Kathleen Eckard asked:
Love the fabric..that chair would look great in my family room, it matches perfectly.. Did you use bed pillows or have foam rubber cut to fit chair? Beautiful job!!!!
SilverQuillLou answered:
Hi and thanks for your comment! I've used foam wrapped with old quilt batting (clean) or old used feather pillows washed and dryedm; then inserted into the project covers. Because they are sewn into a square shape they 'hold' the shape without too boxy a look! Now how to do this lovely stuff and make $$$$!
wren4bz asked:
I LOVE this project. Now I am in search of an old chair :)
SilverQuillLou answered:
Cool...where we live people are always putting items outside for give-away. I have a set of 4 chairs and glass topped table made from iron that needs our special treatment! Watch for our next project! Let me know if I can help! Shortcuts are my speciality!