Quirky Window Display

Project Description

What are you most proud of? The reaction that I get from guests at my home makes me proud. It's the first thing your eyes are drawn to when approaching the front door, and it's usually the first topic of conversation. What advice would you give someone starting this project? Be patient. If you want the project to have a symmetrical and clean aesthetic, it will likely take a lot of adjusting. I used a tape measure to make sure I had even spacing between each container, but I found that once it was put up, it would have to be tweaked a few times to be just right.

What you will need

  • Multi-color dollar store storage containers Fishing line Screw eye hooks

Q&A with Ashley King

car9210981 asked:
this is awesome, they boxes look as though they have come right through the window to greet you. Colors are super strong and the easy assembly is something even this grandma could do..LOL thanks for the advice as the tweaking information. Carylanne in TX
Ashley King answered:
Thank you, Carylanne!
ChasinRainbows asked:
I love it!
Ashley King answered:
:) Thank you!
50thParallel asked:
What a fabulous idea! Love a project that includes an inexpensive dollar store product! Altered art at its best.............well done!
Ashley King answered:
Thanks! Really enjoying your crafts too! :)
JadeYasmin asked:
Well I'm in love with this! Such an amazing idea and cost effective too, it sure does make the most of the window space. Well done to you indeed! :)
Ashley King answered:
Thanks, Jade! :)