Peacock and Fabric Flower Pillow Tie

Project Description

What are you most proud of? Hmmmm.... probably that I have used my own patterns to create something to enjoy in a home! That and the fact that I learned to curl Peacock feathers!! What advice would you give someone starting this project? Be patient, perhaps arrange your items differently or add something else that inspires you & find joy in your creations!

What you will need

  • 1. 1- 3″ Pouting Princess Flower 2. 4- Jessica Flowers made to 2″ (approximately) 3. 3 Peacock Feathers (you might want to have a few extras just in case they break while you are learning to curl them) Peacock feathers can be purchased by doing a search on line. I know Etsy has some listings. 4. Bling (the bling in this tutorial measures 1.5″ but smaller works just fine) 5. 2 yards of coordinating or matching ribbon (you will likely only need 1.5 yards but it is better to be safe than sorry
  • right?) 6. a piece of coordinating or matching felt or fleece to cover the back. Mine measured 4″ by 7″. Supplies you will need are: 1. All purpose hot glue 2. Glue gun 3. Sharp scissors 4. Butter knife 5. Matches
  • lighter or wood burning tool

Q&A with fancyschmancy

Stefanie Japel asked:
GORGEOUS! Thanks so much for posting!! :)
fancyschmancy answered:
I appreciate your sweet comment, Stefanie!!