My Piece of Heaven (Sewing Room)

Project Description

What are you most proud of? I am very proud of how I planned my room on paper and brought it to life with the help of my DH of course. I was driving him crazy measuring and remeasuring and changing my mind of things I wanted to buy and how I wanted it laid out. What advice would you give someone starting this project? Do your research and shop around. You don't have to spend tons of money to have a nice room. Plan smart spend smart. It can be done on a very limited budget.

What you will need

  • My two sewing tables
  • two chairs and white storage shelves are from IKEA. My center table was ordered from a catalogue and my white drawers are from Michaels. I did a lot of research and price checking and did a great job budgeting.

Q&A with beeboop71

ukiewife asked:
I'm so jealous!!! Lovely, bright, and functional!
beeboop71 answered:
Thanks ukiewife. I put a lot of thought into this space, believe me. I was almost obsessed cuz I was so excited I was going to have a space of my own. I must have looked at hundreds of pictures. lol
VicMansfield asked:
You are very lucky!! All my stuff is in the living room - would be so lovely to have a space of my own, maybe one day.... :)
beeboop71 answered:
Thanks Vic16. I am grateful because I was working out of my dining room and taking over the dinner table. It is great to be able to have everything laid out and not have to worry about cleaning up after a project everytime. I still want my own ENTIRE room. Like you said maybe one day :)
Becky Botello asked:
WOW!!! I am super jealous , What a beautiful area to work in.I am stuck in my bedroom, maybe one day I will have a space of my own.
beeboop71 answered:
Thanks Becky.
lady g asked:
Love it !! What catalogue did you order the center table from?
beeboop71 answered:
Lady g. I believe it was from either brylane or domestications. I don't think it's available anymore. It's actually 3 pieces: the 2 shelves on wheels and the table top.
TjeCan asked:
Wow! I am way jealous! Great job! I have vision of a jewelry/bead room like this in the future!
beeboop71 answered:
Thank! When you have your room all together don't forget to post a pic. I love to admire other people's piece of heaven!