Mom's Window

Project Description

What are you most proud of? That she loves it and shows it off to anyone and everyone who will look! What advice would you give someone starting this project? If you know glass, go for it; if you don't know it yet, take a class! Check out what's available in your area; and if you don't want to go that far, convert it to crochet or fabric!

What you will need

  • Spectrum glass
  • copper foil tape
  • 60/40 solder

Q&A with stitchywoman

Nlamort12 asked:
stitchywoman answered:
RxTech asked:
I know your mom absolutely loves it! It is really beautiful. What a good daughter you are. Homemade presents are always the very best there is.
stitchywoman answered:
thank you!
BlueGoose asked:
Has anyone put this together in fabric? Do you have pattern piece shapes
stitchywoman answered:
the pattern is a mess - I had to piece multiple pages of enlarged copy together to get the finished pattern. It's a wonder it turned out as square as it did! lol So, in answer to your question, no, there are no pattern pieces, but it would not be terribly difficult to do.
offandonknitter asked:
it is absolutely gorgeous! Would you send me the pattern so I could make it with my own colors? Your Mom must be proud.
stitchywoman answered:
working on a better copy of the pattern. The original copy used is not fit for use at this point.
knightmarian asked:
Oh yea, this is gorgeous!! Definitely would take a class t learn how to do this! Someone used to sell these at Scottish Games, but they do not come anymore. You did an amazing job!
stitchywoman answered:
thank you so much! I'm currently working on a red one for myself between other projects.