Created by: sweatersnthings

Lavender Hot Process Soap

You Can Make This

sweatersnthings made Lavender Hot Process Soap with:

  • Oils
  • butters
  • lye and essential oils

Q&A with sweatersnthings

eva diaz ruiz asked:
Hello where did you learn to make home made soap
sweatersnthings answered:
Hi! There was a workshop here on craftsy, but it has been discontinued. There is a site on youtube...she also has a FB group...Soaping101, just go back to the beginning of her videos. She is Extremely knowledgeable. Also try They sell supplies, but she also makes videos. Go from the beginning of hers where she explains the process, safety etc. My bit of advice....always, always!!! wear your safety gear and eye protection. It doesn't matter how 'small' or 'quick' the project may be....always wear it. Have fun!! :)
eva diaz ruiz asked:
Hello Thank for answer and for yor time .Please let me know like if you have a basic Recipe or if you can only used one kind of oil just to try to doit for the first time or we really need to habe 3 or 4 oils.??? Thanks for your help.
sweatersnthings answered:
Hi, Each oil lends different properties to soap. If you want to use only one olive oil makes castille soap, but takes about 6 months to cure.