Icelandic wool felt handwarmers

Project Description

What are you most proud of? To make them symmetrical ;)

What you will need

  • Pure Icelandic wool

Q&A with Uva

maidofwool asked:
Cool item! I love to felt but haven't tried mitts or gloves. I love the fact that you managed to get them both the same. That would be a challenge! Very nice job, it's an inspiration for me to give it a try:)
Uva answered:
Thank you :) Yes, try - I'm sure they will come out beautifully. To make mittens/handwarmers symmetrical I use a one-piece pattern, where two mittens are connected along the cuff edge. Wrap this piece of plastic (or whatever you use) in wool, decorate, felt 2/3 of the way, then separate the mittens along the cuff edge, continue to felt mittens separately, paying attention to the cuff edges (to "close" them properly).