How to make felted pebbles

Project Description

Name of Pattern felted soaps and pebbles Link to Pattern rosiepink.typepad.co.uk/rosiepink/how-to-make-felted-soaps-and-pebbles.html

What you will need

  • merino wool

Q&A with rosiepink

Pamillia asked:
These are very pretty. Thanks for sharing.
rosiepink answered:
Thank you for your kind comment. The pebbles in the photo are very large - they each weigh between 5-7lbs - and are therefore useful (doorstops/paperweights) and decorative in a niche or on a coffee table.
Pamillia asked:
That makes them even better. What are the dimensions?Thank you so much.
rosiepink answered:
Oooo..all those in the photo have been sold by a local shop/gallery so I can't measure them, but I have a pebble that is similar in shape and size to the green one at the back and it's approx 5.5" long and 2.5" high. (In centimetres that's approx 14 x 6.5)
Purplepeeps asked:
rosiepink answered:
Thank you Purplepeeps.
inspireme318144 asked:
Where are the instructions to make these? I can't seem to find... thanks!
rosiepink answered:
We have several free tutorials on our blog, and the felted pebbles comes at the end of the tutorial on felted soap http://rosiepink.typepad.co.uk/rosiepink/how-to-make-felted-soaps-and-pebbles.html. Happy Felting!