Created by: FrankenHeather

Haunted Mansion

What inspired your project? Improvisational

You Can Make This

FrankenHeather made Haunted Mansion with:

  • Crayola sidewalk chalk
  • camera
  • and my daughter.

Project Description

What inspired your project? Improvisational

Q&A with FrankenHeather

patz in suffolk asked:
How very clever! Where on earth did you get the idea for this? It's amazing!
FrankenHeather answered:
Thank you, so much! You know, my 5 year-old daughter went to Disneyland with her grandparents and went on the Haunted Mansion ride. She talked about it for months. In particular, she really loved the stretching portraits (as she knew I did, too). So, one day I was sitting outside playing with my daughters and some Crayola Sidewalk Chalk and this happened.