Hand Made Wreaths

Project Description

What advice would you give someone starting this project? Grab someone you love and make a beautiful wreath, even if you don't have a grapevine, you can buy one already made! Enjoy the special time together!

What you will need

  • Grape vine
  • ornaments
  • pine stems

Q&A with Damsel

Ladymax asked:
What great way to recycle. I love them.
Damsel answered:
Thank you! They are fun!
sewbug57 asked:
SO CREATIVE !!! I would love to have one of those hanging on my door.
Damsel answered:
Thanks Sewbug! Make some!
desna asked:
This is so lovely for you and your husband to do together. My favourite (hard choice) is Father Christmas peeping over the wreath. Thanks for sharing these and your story.
Damsel answered:
Thank you! It is one of our special times together! I love that one too! It was our first wreath we made!
Surfside6 asked:
I'm torn! I like 'em all. Some make me think of my doll house furniture and accessories still packed away in a box since we downsized! What a fun project. I'm trying to finish my "winter" wall hanging I started last year. I have an older one that I keep for emergencies that I made of a snowman a lllllloooong time ago, but everyone likes it.
Damsel answered:
Thanks Surfside6! Get on that wall hanging and I want to see it!

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