Glowing Jars

Project Description

What advice would you give someone starting this project? I bought the glow bracelets and had to cut the strip into little pieces and pour. I not only had glowing jars but a glowing counter, scissors, hands, etc. I saw glow wands which where thick at the Dollar store and think those would be easier to pour in with only two cuts. Also make sure you break and completely turn the solid into liquid before cutting or you'll get not so bright results with chunks.

What you will need

  • Transparent jars with lids
  • glow sticks
  • glitter and scissors

Q&A with Parties by Cindy

Blanca SharonM asked:
This looks so cool! I want to know more...soon.
Parties by Cindy answered:
Having to do two jars was fun and they lasted perfectly until the kids fell asleep. But making a bunch would not only be tedious but counter productive since by the time you finish the lights wouldnt last long. I will post images as soon as I get my hands on LED'S. I hope this helps :)
Blanca SharonM asked:
If you used glow stick/wands, how long will the jars glow if lid is kept on?
Parties by Cindy answered:
They last a couple of hours. About the time a glow stick lasts. For something that lasts all night and then can be re-used you can try covering the jar with white glue and glitter. Then when glue is dry, drop in a LED light. The glitter will distort the light source and make it seem like its all glowing.
Blanca SharonM asked:
Thanks for your info. It sounds like a great project to do with my grandchildren (9, 6, 4) in Nov when I visit the US. I live in Ecuador. They live in CA and Oregon and I miss them like crazy~!
Parties by Cindy answered:
Awesome! I am Ecuadorian :) and visit once a year, I love it there! You can try looking in Amazon.com (I look for everything there) Also you can try blowing bubbles when its winter and cold out. I saw a Pinterest pin with frozen bubbles...so cool! Enjoy your grandkids!!
Just Get Baked asked:
This is really cute! I also know that beacuse they don't glow very long - there's also the glow in the dark paint you can finsd at most craft stores, usually in the puff paint or better in the glass paint section I think have some. You can get a bag of cheap clear or very pale colored beads, toss them into a sandwich bag & pour some of the paint into it and roll them around in it. Then once they are coated pretty good just pou them onto a sheet of wax paper and spread them out so they are not touching and not sitting in a pool of left over paint. Once they are dry you can put those in and then they look like fireflies! You know now that I think about it, I think they even sell a strand of glow-in-the-dark beads at party store places - ha that's one less step!
Parties by Cindy answered:
Using glow in the dark paint would also be a great idea, and would also make them re-usable. I like adding the beads too to give the kids something to look at inside the jars.

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