Fourth Time's a Charm!

You Can Make This

Secret_Stash made Fourth Time's a Charm! with:

  • I used four beads and a tan hemp.

Q&A with Secret_Stash

baxter21159680 asked:
I would like to teach my son to make this. Do you have a pattern available?
Secret_Stash answered:
Well there is no real pattern. I just mixed a couple of simple knots. I tied about an inch of square knots, put a bead, then tied an inch of a spiral sennit, then put a bead. For this bracelet you need 4 strings... As for the sliding clasp I believe the knot is called a strangle knot. A google search should show you how to do each! I'm glad you liked the bracelet! Have fun

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Get your first class for only $14.99