Faux Tin Tiles Tutorial

Project Description

What are you most proud of? The finished project does look like tin tiles

What you will need

  • Disposable aluminum cookie sheets
  • knitting needle
  • metallic acrylic paints. Full tutorial and free patterns can be found here: http://suzyssitcom.com/2012/06/feature-friday-faux-tin-tiles-tutorial.html

Q&A with suzy6281

I went to the dollar store and got 3 of them for $1.25.....so away I go. Thank you for this tutorial.......I love LOVE this idea.......can't wait to finish one
suzy6281 answered:
I'd love to see your finished project!
Yculneb asked:
Love this idea - wonder if it will work with aluminium cans.......just drank a coke so will give it a try
suzy6281 answered:
Let me know how it comes out! The thin aluminum of a disposable pan seems to be more pliable, but I'm betting the aluminum from a can might be another good option.
peladeauc2274950 asked:
where is the tutorial ?
suzy6281 answered:
You can find the full tutorial and free patterns here: http://suzyssitcom.com/2012/06/feature-friday-faux-tin-tiles-tutorial.html
tessy rig asked:
this cool ty for saving sharing with us hi from texas
suzy6281 answered:
Hi from Georgia! :)
KDB136 asked:
Could these be used for a back-splash in the kitchen or bathroom? Would they be durable enough to withstand water, etc.? How were tile patterns embedded into the foil? Thanks for a beautiful project!!! Kathy
suzy6281 answered:
I used mine as a backsplash in my kitchen. They are very durable. You can find the tutorial and patterns here: http://suzyssitcom.com/2012/06/feature-friday-faux-tin-tiles-tutorial.html