Fabric Beads

Project Description

What advice would you give someone starting this project? These are simple to do -- just wrap various materials around dowels, chop sticks, pencils, knitting needles, etc. With the Tyvek & Lutrador, you can heat them with an embossing gun to embed metallic threads and distort the surface.

What you will need

  • I saw an article about fabric beads and decided to try some to use as quilt embellishmenst. I used fabric
  • painted Lutrador
  • painted Tyvek
  • wire
  • metallic thread
  • rayon thread for the teal lace bead. I will add additional beads
  • decorative thread & yarns when I add them to quilts.

Q&A with Linnae

4bird2 asked:
gorgeous, I especially like the idea of them being made from fabric, I'm assuming this process preserves their shape? Do you think it would work to make a necklace?
Linnae answered:
Thanks. You could make a necklace. I used a fusible backing on the fabric (as opposed to the Tyvek or Lutradu) and then just touched them with an iron while they were still on the dowel, etc. so they definitely hold their shape. The Lutradur could also be backed with fusible for stability -- I just applied glue. I did the thread lace on a water soluble stabilizer and then didn't completely rinse out the stabilizer so it would hold it's shape. Have fun!