Faberge style eggs

Project Description

What are you most proud of? all of them What advice would you give someone starting this project? you need to find a good class

What you will need

  • Real egg shells paint braids pearls and stones ect

Q&A with Dawn hoff

Ipanema asked:
Your "Faberge" eggs are "eggsquisitely" exquisite. It would appear to be a very delicate craft, i.e. handling the egg shells. Do you finish them with some sort of fixative to make them less fragile? They are lovely indeed and your expertise is enviable. i refrained from a play on eggspertise because i don't want you to think i do not take your talent seriously. Guess I am feeling playful with words today. Your eggs are beautifully displayed and photographed. Even Faberge would have to look twice at their authentic appearance.
Dawn hoff answered:
Thank you , yes they can be very delicate especially the small ones & no we don't normally coat them with anything except paint .
jep970310457904 asked:
Any ideas on finding a good class to begin?
Dawn hoff answered:
Hi depends where in the world you are , I'm in the uk and we have an egg crafters guild if you contact them they can put you in touch with classes near you I think they have guilds in other country's hope that helps . Dawn