Double Ruffle Rainbow Circle Scarf

Project Description

Name of Pattern Double Ruffle Circle Scarf Link to Pattern www.craftsy.com/pattern/felting/double-ruffle-circle-scarf-tutorial/53176?fresh=true

What you will need

  • Merino Wool

Q&A with HandiCraftKate

gunadesign asked:
Outside is Fifty shades of grey and I felt depressed till I saw this one. It is Fifty shades of rainbow. If you don't mind I would like to publish it on my blog http://gunadesign-jewelry.blogspot.com. We need some colors after this dark winter. guna from gunadesing
HandiCraftKate answered:
Thank you Guna for the wonderful write up! You are so kind and sweet! And I am glad my scarf could bring some color and joy into your day!
Tdhg asked:
Are we close to a tutorial yet?
HandiCraftKate answered:
I know, I know. But please be patient I am planing on photographing it this weekend and I should have it edited and ready for you all by the end of the month.
Tdhg asked:
Thanks I am new to this site and thought perhaps I missed something. I am sorry I didn't realize how pushy it seemed. Really I worded that horrible! I have another question on the project site area do you get to replay it over and over or is it down loaded? I use my iPhone as my computer now and will I be able to see it with my iPhone? There is one site that has difficultly with the iPhone and replaying things over iPhone. Obviously I am not tech savy sorry if these are silly questions. Your scarf is so pretty I so want to make one or two maybe three! Also do you allow contact with students who have questions? I promise I am not going to be a problem child!!. I just have never done this anyplace on the web.
HandiCraftKate answered:
No, don't worry I didn't think you were being pushy, if anything I like that people are so egar for the tutorial. As for the tech questions I am sorry but I have no clue. Yes my students can totally contact me with questions, I don't want there to be anybody who misses out due to confustion.