Double Beaded Hair Combs

Project Description

What are you most proud of? I am proud that I am creating something that women really enjoy wearing and say that the combs save them a lot of time getting ready to go out and that they feel so comfortable wearing them. What advice would you give someone starting this project? Be sure and unravel a bit of the thread on the cording. Cut away some of the rubber banding inside the cording, then wax the end and twist to make it look needle like. I use thread wax like you can buy at the fabric shop, but have used candle wax as well. Also, If the person who will be wearing the combs has very thick hair you may want to add a couple more beads to the width. After I tie the knot when the project is finished, I add a drop of glue to the knot to make sure it does not come undone.

What you will need

  • Hair Combs made of a vinyl plastic durable material Elastic cording Assorted beads with holes large enough for elastic cording

Q&A with pollyannagrammy

Carole Harper asked:
I would like to start making these double combs. I first found one at a craft fair in Alabama. I live in Nevada and can't find "just the double combs" anywhere. Any suggestions? Please e-mail me at harper_5@charter.net Thanks!!
pollyannagrammy answered:
Yes, I do sell a kit which comes with instructions to make one for $9 at my web sites but am temporarily out. When I get more I will let you know. I give volume discounts if you want to make a lot. Depending on how many you want, usually $5 a set of combs. I do have some brown and clear combs at present but am out of black and tan and out of elastic. Thank you for asking. Please go to etsy.com/shop/pollyannagrammy and leave me a message to notify you when I get some more. Linda
jodyschl159134 asked:
Love these would love to make some I do many beading projects hopefully soon I can sell mine too:)
pollyannagrammy answered:
Thank you.
franig448373028 asked:
I would like to purchase some of these combs. I love them!!
pollyannagrammy answered:
I am temporarily out of empty combs. Please check back in a couple months. We are moving and need to get moved in before ordering more combs.
knthorsch10205236909703246 asked:
Hi, Can I purchase the all brown one with gold from you?
pollyannagrammy answered:
I'm sorry, these are all sold. You can go to the website to see if you like anything else. www.hairmagicusa.com