Door Knocker Refinishing

Project Description

What are you most proud of? Being able to economically refinish the door knocker and cover the former owners engraved last name. What advice would you give someone starting this project? It's a pretty simple project and can be done in a day. Just be patient with the paint.

What you will need

  • Sand paper
  • Self etching or high build primer
  • Rust-oleum American Accents Oil Rubbed
  • Bronze Spray Paint

Q&A with Jay Gietl

Josh asked:
Thats fancy. Unfortunately, paint impatience is a problem of mine.
Jay Gietl answered:
Thanks, luckily the paint dries fast.
Rockstar asked:
Did you paint the doors yourself as well? Nice work!
Jay Gietl answered:
Yes I did, I will post that project soon.
TheBerryBasket asked:
I have used that same type paint to redo a ceiling fan that was shiny brass, so outdated. Used the bronze and it looks wonderful. People do NOT realize that they can spray paint these things and save money. I saved $100-$200, price of a new ceiling fan.
Jay Gietl answered:
Totally agree, really simple projects. I've used some of their other products like their vinyl and plastic paints to freshen lawn furniture and some interior component on my old truck. Really amazed at the quality.
brendajmoore@hotmail.com asked:
The door looks great...I guess the light fixture is next for the painter... always more to do once we start huh? Looks so rich!
Jay Gietl answered:
Thanks! Yes, we actually replaced the whole light fixture because that one had been altered to accept a spliced in extension cord. One of these days I will finish posting the actual door refinishing project.
bret hanna asked:
nice doors!
Jay Gietl answered:
Thanks, I like em.