cobweb felt bowl

What you will need

  • merino wool

Q&A with rosiepink

plushtheb1284807 asked:
Love this fluffy looking bowl, great colours.
rosiepink answered:
Thank you!
bayleigh@rogers.com asked:
This is a very pretty bowl and would like to make it. Thank you for the inspiration
rosiepink answered:
Thank you - I like it too - it was just some left-over wool from another project and quite hastily made. But I think it's prettier than the project that I carded the wool especially for!
JustFeltLikeIt asked:
Stunning, what is your stiffener of choice? ~ Jamie
rosiepink answered:
Thank you for your kind comment Jamie. Our stiffener of choice is CMC paste (it's often used to make silk paper).