Cathedral Window Ornament

Project Description

Name of Pattern Cathedral Window Christmas Ornament Link to Pattern stitchesbyteresa.wordpress.com/2010/09/08/159480/

What you will need

  • White Fabric Christmas Fabric two Christmas Buttons

Q&A with StitchingTeresa

merlene sloan asked:
I checked out the instructions. will have to try these. our park always has a craft and bake sale in Dec. I'm sure these would sell
StitchingTeresa answered:
My husband's great aunt and I once took an evening working together, one running sewing machine, one ironing and we got 18 made (not counting stuffing/adding ctrs)...plus was more fun that way. We divided them up and 9 is plenty to give to someone as a little set for a gift. Also just one on a package hanging is really cute. Or you could even KEEP THEM and use them yourself, but if you're like me, you always end up giving everything away! lol...craft and bake sale sounds like a great idea for them, too!!!