Car Wreck

Project Description

What are you most proud of? Surviving! What advice would you give someone starting this project? Don't leave home without a prayer. We did have a prayer, and though our car is totalled, we are basically alive and well. We believe everything happens for a reason. The first thing that I saw, aside from our survival, is that my daughter, who "doesn't believe in God", gathered her children around her and offered a prayer together. That in itself is a miracle.

What you will need

  • 3/4 ton pick-up vs. Toyota Avalon

Q&A with Linnee

Sheila Zachariae asked:
Amen! It's funny how events can change how we give thanks! My brother has a similar view point to your daughter's! This is very distressing to my family, who is Greek Orthodox! Well, his tween aged children want to go to church and his wife, England born and raised, is all for it and happy to go to an Orthodox church! Miracles do happen! I'm glad you are al ok! Have a Happy and Healthy New Year!
Linnee answered:
On the lighter side, I get to be "chauffered" around. Because of my broken clavicle, I have to sit in the back seat, driver's side, with the seat belt across my LEFT shoulder. WAYYY too painful to have it across my right shoulder!
Merrypal asked:
God Bless you and your family. Very original idea to put in on this site. Very effective! Genius idea. Stay well my dear.
Linnee answered:
So you don't think it was wierd of me? Part of my rational for putting it up is my odd sense of humor. Not seeking out sympathy...merely "a day in the LIFE of a quilter".
Merrypal asked:
Came back to see how you are doing now after the accident?
Linnee answered:
Thanks for asking. It's been six weeks today and my clavicle is healing, though not as fast as I would like

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