Canvas shoes

Project Description

What are you most proud of? That I get to wear around a pair of shoes that NO ONE else has! I get lots of compliments no matter when or where I wear these out! :) What advice would you give someone starting this project? Just a reminder to do your outline first in the darker colors, and then fill in the lighter colors afterward so you will not get any bleeding! Don't worry about perfection, the idea is to have fun, because no matter what you create, you will have a one of a kind pair of shoes!

What you will need

  • Blank pair of white canvas shoes. Sharpie "stained" fabric markers

Q&A with Beadworx

Machelle asked:
These are great!
Beadworx answered:
Thank you!
Weasie asked:
Absolutely love them!
Beadworx answered:
Thanks so much!
jaymak asked:
Very cool and inspiring.
Beadworx answered:
Thank you!
JoyCJ asked:
I have had a pair of sneakers sitting here waiting to do funky....was thinking of using sharpies but was concerned if they would wash... I prewashed the sneakers so the color can bind to the canvas, but have tried to find out if I needed to add a fixative. I gather you haven't...so I'm going for it. Thanks for sharing.
Beadworx answered:
I didn't add a fixative and they seemed to do great and are still holding up after several months of wear already
mart337-cook asked:
I love the tennis shoes. I've begun painting shoes as of late. I, too, have been working with many mediums for years buthave narrowed it down to glass and fabric. How do you prepair your shoes prior to painting?
Beadworx answered:
I did not do anything special, as I did not use paint to do this, I used fabric markers. They went right on to the fabric of the shoe then I sealed with a clear coat of acrylic spray. I am guessing if you want to paint shoes with paint you would need to pre-treat the shoes somehow. But I am not familiar with using actual paint on the shoes, just the markers.

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