Ballet Dancer

Project Description

What are you most proud of? I love the flow of movement in this picture. I haven't decided whether or not I will sell it. What advice would you give someone starting this project? Needle felted pictures are easy, wonderful, so, so forgiving! I always wanted to paint but, alas, I have no talent whatsoever in that art. Painting with dyed wool fleece is different. If you put a color down and you don't like it, just pull it up. INSTRUCTIONS: Glue a piece of burlap onto the back side of a mat board that is already cut and ready to frame a picture. When the glue dries, felt a thin layer of white wool onto the burlap as your base. Then paint a picture with your wool and needle!!

What you will need

  • Mat board
  • burlap
  • white and dyed wool fleece

Q&A with tchrterri

gailsglamdesign asked:
Wow. Beautiful. You are indeed talented. You are making the world more beautiful with your talent and outlook on life.
tchrterri answered:
Thank you! Dance is very important to me, almost as important as having a sense of humor. In our Dance for Parkinson's class, we have both~
Grandepuce asked:
Very nice piece of art - I'm happy to know your battle with Parkinson's doesn't hold you back from expressing yourself artistically - be it through crafting or dance. My daughter danced on a competitive level so anything ballet is close and dear to me. I miss seeing her perform. I totally understand the joy you must get when you are dancing with your friends. Please post more of your projects - I am moved by your story. (PS - my daughter is a redhead just like the little dancer on your project)
tchrterri answered:
Thank you! I just found out that my dance teacher's birthday is next Monday and this picture will go to her. She just danced the role of Odette/Odile in Swan Lake in Denver.
MsLiza asked:
Congratulations! it's a wonderful art piece! Keep enjoying the music and the dancing, and Keep fighting the battle, my grandfather had parkinsons, he was not able to use his right hand at all, so he learned to write with his left one. I was proud of his accomplishment.
tchrterri answered:
Thanks! Your grandfather sounds like a wonderful and creative person.
Carol A.Roberts asked:
Beautiful job. Did you paint on the wool and then felt it?
tchrterri answered:
Thank you!! Actually, I start out with a pile of different color wool batting - generally I order from Peace Fleece or Harrisville Wool. Then it's a matter of taking bits of the colored wool and using it to create the picture. The nice thing about needle felting is that it is so forgiving. Don't like the color? Pull it up and try something else. Feel free to visit my website, too. www.studiofoxhoven.com I hope to have video instructions up sometime this summer!
lskiffy3234072 asked:
Can you please tell me what kind of material is needed for the background (base?) of a landscape needle felting project?
tchrterri answered:
I used burlap as my base. It's easiest if the burlap is stretched across the back of a wooden frame or even the back of a mat board frame and glued or stapled (on wood). I know others who have used silk cloth as a background. Another possibility for mounting the picture is to put the cloth in an embroidery hoop.