40 year old Dollhouse

Project Description

What are you most proud of? I like the way it turned out after so much work. I tried to stay to scale (1" = 12") and used as much detail as I could afford. I bought new molding and baseboard for the rooms and used some of my scrapbook paper for wallpaper. What advice would you give someone starting this project? By all means, BUY A KIT! Don't try to do it from scratch. It was a big project just to renew it. Study magazines and books for examples of rooms. Maybe one should start out with just a room and detail it out for a starter project. This can grow quite expensive.

What you will need

  • This summer I attempted to refurbish my 40 year old
  • 3 room San Francisco dollhouse
  • which had been laguishing in the attic. Poor thing was in a sad state of dis-repair. We build it around 1970. The renewal project required several coats of paint
  • new wallpaper
  • new wood trim
  • crown molding & baseboards for the rooms
  • etc. I used scraps of lace for curtains and the old Dremel tool got a big workout. The project took me about 2 months of daily work to complete. Is a dollhouse ever completed? No
  • there is always something to change. Next
  • I am going to put "gingerbread' on the side windows. My dollhouse is going on my enclosed deck/sunroom that I am converting into my sewing and craft space.

Q&A with ausbizer5@austin.rr.com

JanGhrairi asked:
Beautiful job. I would love to do a replica of my 1916 home but I'm not very good at small-scale detailing.
ausbizer5@austin.rr.com answered:
Thank you for your comment. It's one way that I can fix-up and decorate to my hearts content. My husband is one of those who don't like change.
Bizylizzy asked:
I am inspired!!!
ausbizer5@austin.rr.com answered:
Thank you so much for you comment. The project just grew and grew, as friends made suggestions for improvement.