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All Things Knitting

From classes and supplies to the best inspiration, we have all your knitting needs covered.


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Learn to Knit

Interested in knitting but don’t know where to start? Join Susan B. Anderson, your expert guide to knitting, as she teaches you how to make three cozy accessories — a pair of hand warmers, a bulky cowl, and a pom-pom hat — from getting your first stitches on the needles to finishing your projects, with troubleshooting tips and much more.

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New Childrenswear Project Kits

Soft, cozy and perfect for your cutie! We've got new sweaters, blankets and cardigans - perfect projects for the little one in your life.

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The Grocery Girls Favorite Things

We've rounded up some of the knitty things that get the Grocery Girls needles clicking! Check out what Jodi and Tracie swear by.

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Do You Have Enough Yarn?

Sometimes you need to know if you have enough yarn leftover to either complete a project or make more of something — like a second sock or mitten. You could roll the working yarn off the ball and measure it as you roll it, but that's time-consuming and really annoying. Learn how to know for sure!

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