Yoda Green Skywalker

Project Description

What are you most proud of? Being a selfconscious knitter it took me a year to attempt the Skywalker. To be on the safe side I bought a good quality standard sock yarn, I could always rip the disaster and use the yarn for socks. Apart from attaching the wrong size needles to my wire and using them for the first third of the project, having to rip and start over again, the rest of the shawl went smoothly (with a bit of tinking and fixing).And I can't believe I'm there now - I did it! I can knit a lace shawl. What advice would you give someone starting this project? Don't throw it in the bin. Block itUse the safeguards - life line, markers, counting your stitches between of repeats, tink back and fix the mistakes at once, because you'll forget were they were, if you try to fix them on the purl side.And check that you can get an extra skein or ball of your yarn, should you run short.I did halfway through the edging and luckily the yarn was from the dry cleaner's just down the road.

What you will need

  • Regia sock yarn approx. 110 grams
  • 4 mm needles
  • circular

Q&A with Sussu

Cassy36 asked:
i think you did an excellent job and should be proud. i've been so nervous to start mine i just need to do it!
Sussu answered:
Go for it, you can do it. Your job will be just as excellent as you will be guided though by Laura, just listen carefully and follow her instruction minutely. Lace knitting is zen - it's the process that counts and binding off the last stitch is like ending the last page of a good novel. That's why it's addicting.
Samia 3643 asked:
Oh, those perfect planet stitches ! Well done !
Sussu answered:
Thanks! There was a lot of frogging and tinking and reknitting going on in that section but as they say, practice makes perfect!.
KnitbyMoonbeams asked:
This is one of my favorites of yours! Simply amazing!! I hope you wear this proudly all the time!!
Sussu answered:
It was a gift and the person didn't like it, didn't even thank me. Handknitted lace shawls are not in fashion here in Scandinavia it seems.
KnitbyMoonbeams asked:
That's horrible! I would have LOVED to receive this as a gift! I know that must have been heartbreaking as you put a lot of effort into this. I only knit for those who appreciate it and that is a very small list- my Mom, my best knitting friend, and my husband, oh and ME! =) You are a fabulous knitter, so please keep knitting for those who appreciate it.
Sussu answered:
Maybe she lost it or ruined it and was embarrased, because it's not like her.. Anyway the Skywalker is so much fun to knit, I'll gladly knit more of them.

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