Wee Ones - Elle Phant

What you will need

  • Spud & Chloe Sweater

Q&A with taylor.jen@sbcglobal.net

Sheila Zachariae asked:
Well done! I love Susan's designs and I think she is a terrific teacher!
taylor.jen@sbcglobal.net answered:
She did a great job teaching the class ... Craftsy could work on their camera crew. I'm hoping that she designs more wee ones like these. I'm always concerned about sewing on arms, legs, heads, etc when giving the gift to a child. It's nice to know that something isn't going to pop off!
Sheila Zachariae asked:
Craftsy would be very happy to read any comments or suggestions on their site! You can contact them @ help@craftsy.com with any concerns or helpful hints to make the site better!
taylor.jen@sbcglobal.net answered:
Great! I will forward my comments. Thank you for the info!

Skill Level