Varied Petrie

Project Description

What are you most proud of? Using slip stitches to prevent sagging of the cotton from the bottom to the waistline. Placing matching decreases, evenly spaced in the bottom portion to create a flare in the skirt. What advice would you give someone starting this project? Make a gauge swatch and wash it before determining gauge. Know your body measurements and how much ease you want to have throughout the garment.

What you will need

  • Berroco Pure Pima Cotton circular needle (40") stitch holder (2) tapestry needle crochet hook stitch markers (5)

Q&A with knitherapy

TaraB asked:
WOW....That's BEAUTIFUL! I hope to be able to do something equally as wonderful after finishing this class. Great Job! And keep on with the keep on!
knitherapy answered:
The class helps tremdously with the shaping. I used a simple repeat pattern so I could focus on the shaping.
cootie asked:
wow! great looking dress. i haven't gotten the courage to start designing in knit yet. I used to design crochet sculptures from my head to my hands. I hope I will have the time and inclination soon to get adventurous with knitting. thanks for the inspiration.
knitherapy answered:
you can do it! Have you thought about using tunisian crochet or the broomstick lace? They hve a knitterly feel to them.
Junebug0618 asked:
Va va voom! Gorgeous design! Wish I had the figure to wear it! LOL!!
knitherapy answered:
thanks. fortunately the cotton breathes and gives enough to feel very comfortable even on the most humid of days.
patricia.1159877 asked:
Simply Elegant
knitherapy answered:
thank you. I think the designer of the Petrie blouse has a good grasp of simple elegance. I was happy to learn how to lengthen her design into a dress
Ltmagenta4 asked:
Lovely dress. Great shaping- fits you beautifully. Did you find that you had to hang the dress periodically to see if it would stretch?
knitherapy answered:
I used a steamer with a hanging attachment. After steaming, I let it dry over night when making the decision as to when to begin decreases for the waist. I wanted to make sure I had the right length before starting the decreases.

Skill Level