Top-down Icelandic Sweater

Project Description

What are you most proud of? I am excited that I raise these wonderful animals, have learned how to blade shear them and spin their wool. It's all part of the experience that goes into making this gorgeous sweater!

What you will need

  • Yarn that I sheared and handspun from our Icelandic sheep.

Q&A with Halyna Shepko

warbler01 asked:
Thank you for sharing your story with us. I think the whole experience is exciting!!
Halyna Shepko answered:
You're so welcome! I'm loving this project.
Myriah Ann asked:
How wonderful to have been apart of the wool process to your sweater soon to be finished and loved for years to come! My wool just arrived from the Nordic Shop in Iceland and I'm excited to get mine under way. :)
Halyna Shepko answered:
I would love to see pictures of your wool. You are very hopeful to think that the sweater will be done soon:) As usual, my version looks nothing like the original on the photo but, I love it!
ceramicjo1967 asked:
I would love to raise my own sheep too. How very exciting. I have a spinning wheel and have spun a little bit, but I really need to practice some more. I love the feeling of un-spun wool and having it run through my fingers. It would be so fun to do a project from sheep to finished sweater like you are. I love the colors of your wool. Your sweater is going to be beautiful.
Halyna Shepko answered:
It's been a long journey with some bumps along the way. Raising my children has taken priority. But now they are older and I'm able to get into projects again. I'm so grateful for this course, even though my version will be totally different looking. I live close to New York State Sheep and Wool festival and I give it lots of credit for enabling my addiction. I will be milking one of the ewes in the spring and am looking forward to her milk.
zeospike asked:
How wonderful to have been a part of the whole process, you're very lucky. Can't wait to see the finished sweater!
Halyna Shepko answered:
I wish my family would say the same:) They don't like the chores! I can't wait to finish the sweater either. I love the pattern and where it takes my yarn. I feel like I'm going back in time and this is a way of knitting passed down from one generation to another. I also am grateful for all the support and comments!

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