Toe up - moccasin - afterthought heel

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Knit Original Toe-Up Socks

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Knit Original Toe-Up Socks

with Donna Druchunas

Q&A with QuiltMoxie

LovesDogs asked:
They are so cool! Congrats! Love them and do not look like an afterthought at all. Getting set to begin the class! psyched!
QuiltMoxie answered:
Hello LovesDogs, Thank you for your kind comments. I loved the class and encourage you to give it a try yourself. I am now knitting the third pair of toe-up socks since I took the class. These two pair of socks fit like a glove.
Miriam924 asked:
They look great!! Your colors came out beautifully!
QuiltMoxie answered:
Thank you Miriam924, I was amazed at how easy it was to dye yarn. Maybe it was beginner's luck.
Christian Soldier asked:
Pretty yarn. What kind is it?
QuiltMoxie answered:
Hello Biblereader, The yarn comes from my mom's stash. It was Regia sock yarn #0600 (white) which I dyed using food dye into purple and the variegated yarn.