The Perfect Fit Seamless Crazy Lace Card

Project Description

What are you most proud of? That I am going to finish this and wear it when I'm done, instead of giving up and putting it aside. (Which happens to me a lot) What advice would you give someone starting this project? This is still a working project. I have to block the cardigan and work on the sleeves and button band, It seems to fit a little tight right now, but the blocking and button band should do the trick for the fit. I would say, just enjoy the class. I am.

What you will need

  • Red Heart Soft Worsted Weight

Q&A with Card Lady

Card Lady asked:
I would like to know some thoughts on the sleeves. Should I leave them in the berry color, or pursue the colors I have used in the body. I plan on doing a black button band, but really can't decide what to do with the sleeves. I have to block it yet and then work on the sleeves. Thanks.
Card Lady answered:
As much as I want to do the colors on the sleeves, I am just learning the knitting in the round with the magic loop. I think it would be to much to deal with, so I'm going with the berry sleeves, maybe a little black for the last rounds. I think I might go with the black button band. I'll post pictures as soon as I'm done. I haven't worked on it for about a week, and just picked it up again. Should be done with the sleeves soon. Thank you all for your input.
Zebalithe asked:
The colours look fantastic! I'd continue the sleeves in the same fashion, but I'm sure that whatever you decide will look perfect. :)
Card Lady answered:
Thank you very much for the compliment and your input on the sleeves. I'll post pictures when I'm done. I still can't decide.
Dhedhe asked:
Wow! I'm still at the measuring/swatching stage but I am so impressed. It looks fantastic. I would agree with the other knitters and continue the theme with the black, but on the other hand....Decisions, decisions!
Card Lady answered:
I know decisions. I still haven't decided. I might try some, and if I don't like it, I'll rip out and try something else. Sometimes I wish I didn't start it this way.
ShortRow asked:
Great job on the colors and lace.... can't wait to see the finished project.
Card Lady answered:
Almost done. Will post pictures real soon. Thank you.
Gramma Owl asked:
Beautiful. I love your color choices.
Card Lady answered:
Thanks so much

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