The Frugal Noob

Project Description

What are you most proud of? Knitting hit me like a bolt of lightning in late February 2014. This is what happens when adjustments are made on the fly for cheap to accommodate an apartment-living zealous convert (I'll be adding photos to this "project" as more mods are made) What advice would you give someone starting this project? Don't get derailed thinking you need a hand-made ceramic yarn bowl for €30 or a crafting room/table. Or addi turbos. These are all perfectly nice things and understandable aims, but I think of knitting and the joy it brings as an equaliser. I try to think of ways I can do more, not reasons why I have to wait to get around to it/afford it. The finer things will come, but for now my acrylics, polyesters, bamboo, and tupperware are having a whale of a time! (and I'm prioritising new Craftsy courses and skill-building!)

What you will need

  • Can your personal knitting set-up be home decor? I argue yes! From the precious bookshelf space you rearrange to hold your growing
  • colourful
  • multi-textured stash
  • to the yarn bowl made from tupperware and a stationery clip that sits camouflaged on the kitchen table. I favour "picking" and yes
  • I knit in bed. I'm a left-side gal. You see the problem here... This way
  • I can maintain tension and control feed from the nightstand to my left with items I had at home anyway! As I want to add other methods and styles to my bag of tricks
  • the clip can/will be repurposed for Portuguese.

Q&A with immisceo

Cherita.Md asked:
So LOVE your Mcguyver yarn bowl!! I'm normally the queen of repurposing things in my neck of the woods so this just tickled my frugal heart! :-)
immisceo answered:
Thank you so much! Knitting's not the cheapest hobby in the world, so I definitely like to save my pennies for for the essentials like good yarns. Anything else? The name of the game is "get creative". Thinking "What would MacGyver do?" is pretty much a great way to think about everything in life!
holmar58 asked:
What a clever idea, I am going to try it...thanks so much for sharing! :D
immisceo answered:
Thanks! Several months on, and I'm still using this set up. So many ceramic yarn bowls are beautiful but I just know I'd break them! The plastic bowl bonus is that if the project is small enough, I can stuff it and the needles into it, slap on the lid, and be ready to travel without harming the yarn/losing the stitch markers, etc. I just got back from holiday in Spain and it worked perfectly!
Julieptie11348358 asked:
That is a fantastic idea! Julie T., Massachusetts
immisceo answered:
D'oh! Accidentally responded to you initially without hitting "reply". I'll just copy/paste that here. Thanks so much! I've been happily using this set up for about a year now. It doesn't seem to stress or felt the yarn at all, and I've used some pretty delicate lace-weights at this point!
Margas asked:
Very Cleaver. thank you for posting this.
immisceo answered:
You're very welcome! It works a treat.
Kristenss asked:
Awesome idea!!! I just broke my ceramic yarn bowl! even I would not break this!
immisceo answered:
Thanks! I do love the look and artistry of ceramic yarn bowls, but they are a non-starter for me. I knit in all of our rooms and really have a knack for knocking things over. I'd have to buy true yarn bowls in bulk!