Super chunky Braided corsage cowl

Project Description

What are you most proud of? Sheer elegance and the fitting 'epitaph' for my deceased sweater LOL What advice would you give someone starting this project? Don't ruin a good sweater just for this....but if you've already boo- boo'ed put that miniaturized sweater to good use! Ruined accidentaly 'felted' sweaters also look super cute on large bears...Teddy need some luxury too.

What you will need

  • I used a super bulky wool acrylic blend yarn
  • cotton bias tape (as ribbon)
  • and a felted cashmere sweater (for the roses)

Q&A with LavishCraft

Sheila Zachariae asked:
Really cute and creative! I have repurposed cashmere sweaters too! Last Christmas, I cut off an arm, sewed up the bottom, and put in a hot water bottle! The cuff of the sleeve around the neck of the bottle! My Mum loves it! When the bottle is empty, you fold it in half and pull it out to wash the sleeve!
LavishCraft answered:
What a great idea! Hot Water bottles are so well, utilitarian -useful but not very 'pretty'. Clever idea to dress up and add some luxury to an item that could really use it, after all it's generally when you are sick and/or cold you use a hot water bottle -the exact time you want a bit of extra snuggle and cheer. Thank you for sharing the idea.