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Explorations in Brioche Knitting

Online Class

Explorations in Brioche Knitting

with Nancy Marchant

  • Classic Elite Fresco in corn silk and fern

Q&A with KatherineBG

Nancy Marchant asked:
And still very beautiful!
KatherineBG answered:
Thank you! It feels like it's taking forever. I see all these beautiful finished scarves and wonder, "Don't these people have day jobs?"
Athena.K. asked:
I love the styling in this pic! also cool combo of colors!
KatherineBG answered:
Thank you! My friend designed the tote.
fcl asked:
I never would have thought of two shades of the same color -- it looks great!
KatherineBG answered:
Athena.K. asked:
hey there! thought I had to pay back the visit by popping into your page now.. lol! aaaaaand while at it, also try and push you a little...come oooon! you have to finish this gorgeous scarf of yours...I 'll be waiting to see it ok? see ya!
KatherineBG answered:
Thanks! I'm still working on it, slowly. I've had some other projects come up in the meantime that I could finish quickly. I'm not allowed to start anything else until this is done! Thank for your encouragement. :-)

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