Created by: drvirgini1123976

Squares 1 And 2 Clair's Baby Blanket

Q&A with drvirgini1123976

Spalover asked:
Two down and how many to go? Are you going to do the full afghan?
drvirgini1123976 answered:
No, I'm making a baby blanket, so 2 squares and borders should make it the right size!
OhioSandy asked:
Is your square on the left blocked? The one on the right is curled about like mine. I'm having a heck of time with it. Very disappointed in this project so far.
drvirgini1123976 answered:
Idid the class with a girlfriend who knits tight and she had a lot more trouble with it. I knit loose so it wasn't a problem. And I did two squares with borders, not six. My mind was wandering!